About us

Ship to Shore is the original mail forwarding, scanning and holding service

Ship to Shore becomes your mail hub whilst travelling and we offer you the following:

Ship to Shore was originally set up in 1994 to cater for long term yachtsmen in need of a UK address but since then we have built up a large and varied client base.

Our customers move around the UK and the world on land and water, on business or for pleasure. They stay with us for years, which reflects our high level of professionalism and attention to detail, and we pride ourselves on the friendly relationships we hold with them.

We believe that the positive feedback we have had over the years has helped us to grow to be one of the best mail forwarding services in the country.

How does it work?

Registering is quick and easy - complete the registration form and the mail filtering form and, once received, you can start redirecting your mail to the Ship to Shore address. We normally work from our PO Box number but, if needed, can also offer a street address for any banks or utility providers that won’t accept a PO Box.

Whenever you want your mail forwarded you just contact us by phone, fax, email or SMS text. We will acknowledge your request and aim to forward your mail within 24 hours. Depending on your movements, you can also choose to have your mail forwarded to you on weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as-received basis at no extra charge. Your mail package is sealed with our distinctive tape which enables you to distinguish your package from others.

Each Shipment is numbered and includes a Statement which shows the number of items sent, a list of the items filtered and a running total of funds in your postage and packing account up to the last mailing. All filtered items are kept for one month and then shredded or recycled.

Within the UK, mail is normally sent First Class and overseas mail is sent by ordinary airmail but if you require a more secure or speedy service we can easily arrange one the many different Royal Mail services, at no additional service cost, or use a courier service.

A Statement of Account will be issued once or twice a year showing all transactions, and payments made, to enable you to keep track of your spending.

What does it cost?

There is a yearly registration fee of £137.00 or, for those who just need the service for a shorter time, a monthly fee of £12.00.

As with all other mail providers, in addition to your registration fee, we also request a postage bond of £50 to cover postage, packing and handling costs (There is a basic charge of 25p for every item handled, please see the fee structure for other costs). Postal rates are always on the increase but we guarantee that all packing charges will be kept as low as possible. When your funds are running low, we will send you a reminder to top up your account.

Your registration period for your mail forwarding will not start until your first post has been sent to you. This gives you time to notify people of your change of address if you are still in the planning stage and helps you stop any unwanted mail before you set off.

We are not able to offer credit card payment facilities at present but Ship to Shore does accept payment by bank transfer or cheque (payable to Ship to Shore and sent to PO Box 400, Winchester, SO22 4RU)

Some useful info...

Fee structure

Fee structure as of 1st January 2018

Description Registration fee Handling charge Additional services
Registration Fee £137 per annum
£12 per month
Forwarding of unopened mail and filtering* out obvious junk mail 25p per item of mail
Opening all mail, filtering* and discarding envelopes 35p per item of mail
Photocopying mail before despatching 20p per page
Scanning 20p per scan
Paying in cheques 3.50
Arranging for courier service from 3.50
Pay-by-item (Non registered customers) from 5.00

*Filtered mail is listed on the statement and held for one month

Contact us

Ship to shore
P.O. BOX 400
SO22 4RU

Telephone / Answerphone and Fax +44 (0) 1962 868 642
E-mail: lindsay@shiptoshore.co.uk or admin@shiptoshore.co.uk